Documentary Photographer
A Peculiar Convenience

“Ask anyone, for what purpose everything exists. The general answer is that everything was created for our practical use and accommodation. In short, the whole magnificent scene of things is daily and confidently asserted to be ultimately intended for the peculiar convenience of mankind. Thus do the bulk of the human species vauntingly elevate themselves above the innumerable existences that surround them.”
GH Toulmin, The Antiquity and Duration of the World, 1780

A long term body of work that considers our relationship with the natural world. It presents some clues, some evidence as to how and why we have got to where we are. We have overlooked the natural balance, the natural order. We’re not in control at all. We’ve been kidding ourselves all along.

This work has been exhibited at the Centre for British Photography in London in 2023. It was included in un/natural at the Lishui Photography Festival 2021 in China, curated by Louise Fedotov-Clements. Also in Val William’s New Natural History at the National Museum of Photography in Bradford in the 90s. It was awarded Patron’s Award for Best Portfolio, by Brian Griffin at Format Festival 2020 and a winner in Urbanautica Institute’s Annual Awards 2021.